Spring Roll $4.50

Crispy vegetable rolls, served with sweet chili sauce

Edamame  $4.50

Japanese steamed soy beans, lightly salted

Seafood Shumai  $5.50

Fried dumpling with seafood served with dumpling sauce

Fried Gyoza $6.00

Fried pork dumpling served with house made sauce

Martini Crispy Shrimp   $7.00

Fried Shrimp wrap with spring roll skin and served

with sweet honey mayo

Crispy Calamari  $6.75

Fried crispy calamari Thai style

Duck Unwrap $7.50

Sauted shredded duck with carrot, red onion, celery,

sweet chili sauce, Teriyaki sauce and 4 pieces of iceberg lettuce

Chicken Satay $7.50

Sliced chicken on the skewer served with peanut sauce

Cream Cheese King Crab  $5.25

Crispy wonton skin stuffed with cream cheese and King Crab

Rock shrimp $7.99

Spicy Aoili shrimp

Crab Cake $7.99

Tiger beef  $6.99

Sliced thin beef with Ponzu sauce